New Design System With Design Thinking

Executive Summary

A Netherland-based Solar company wanted to create a one-stop solution for their SOLAR ENERGY Customers. Their goal was to create a platform that made their solar system product available even for common people at the retail level.


The client faced the initial set of challenges as mentioned:
  • The services were not available on one platform. They were scattered across the platform.
  • There was no single service provider who could provide the hardware and the finances. So the customer journey was incomplete.
  • Complete visibility from buying to maintenance and monitoring
  • Payment Services were not convenient as they had many limitations.
  • The engine couldn’t identify and calculate the cost of the products. There was a lot of manual intervention.
  • The entire process was time-consuming leading to business loss.

Our Delivery And Solution

Team Qodequay got engaged with a UX consulting and 3 step process of Strategy, Design, and Delivery. Extensive research was done to understand the need of the target users. Conducted qualitative as well quantitative interviews across multiple countries and regions to specify the need and expectations precisely.

Steps engaged for UX consulting and design thinking :
  • We planned the outcome based on our research. For this, we used the Design Thinking approach.
  • The team identified the various users and did the personification of the target group.
  • We analyzed the Customer Journey and problem definition.
  • Our experts addressed the pain points and listed the features.
  • Information architecture was defined
  • Our expert UX team converted the Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi wireframes.
  • Provided complete guidelines and development deliverables

The Outcome

    Qodequay Technologies implemented a Cloud-based Digital Platform using advanced technologies like Blockchain and Ethereum. The following was the outcome:-

  • We provided a solution that allowed users to get all the services under the same platform.
  • There was more visibility for the user from buying to maintenance and monitoring,
  • The Payment option was made more user-friendly with more options for making payments,
  • In the Solution, Qodequay also facilitated the Financial process right from submitting documents to receiving the loan.