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At Qodequay, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in your digital transformation journey. As a leading AI development company, we bring to the forefront our specialized Artificial Intelligence Development Services that cater specifically to the Manufacturing, Retail, BFSI, and Education sectors.
Harness the prowess of Artificial Intelligence Solutions and reshape your operational horizon with our custom AI solutions.

Our Premier

AI Development Services

Manufacturing Industry

AI in Manufacturing Industry

Leverage AI-driven automation, predictive analytics, and Robotic Process Automation solutions to elevate your manufacturing operations. Whether it's about predictive maintenance or streamlining the supply chain, our AI solutions focus on enhancing efficiency, minimizing downtime, and propelling productivity.
Retail Sector

AI in Retail Sector

With the evolving retail dynamics, it's imperative to stay a step ahead. Utilize our Artificial Intelligence Development to power up personalization and recommendation engines. By merging AI services with your strategy, you can spike customer engagement, augment conversion rates, and deliver a unified shopping voyage, both online and offline.
BFSI Sector

AI in BFSI Sector

Step into the future of banking and finance with our cutting-edge AI software development company services. With tools that facilitate AI-enabled fraud detection, risk assessment, and customer service automation, we ensure you heighten security, sharpen decision-making processes, and provide unparalleled customer journeys.
Education Sector

AI in Education Sector

Education, in today's age, is more than just conventional teaching. With our Artificial Intelligence Solution, transform pedagogy through AI-orchestrated personalized learning trajectories, intelligent evaluative instruments, and avant-garde virtual classrooms. Furthermore, exploit Machine Learning Solutions and Natural Language Processing (NLP) development to derive insights from data analytics, ultimately enriching educational results and strengthening educators.

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Industry Expertise


With years of experience, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in each industry, tailoring our AI solutions accordingly.

Customized Solutions


We collaborate closely with our clients to develop AI solutions that align with their specific business needs and goals.

Cutting-Edge Technology


Our team of AI experts stays abreast of the latest advancements in AI technology to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Seamless Integration


We ensure smooth integration of AI solutions into your existing systems, minimizing disruption and maximizing benefits, also create tools with immersive experiences for your customers.

Data Security


Our robust data security measures ensure that your valuable information remains safe and confidential.

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Client's Feedback

What our clients have to say about us !
Petes Pro Tackle

Pete's Pro Tackle

under stood exactly what we needed, and completes the task very fast

Hotchkiss Publishing

Thank you for solving my problem quickly. Greatly appreciated.
Provain shop

Provain Shop

I am very grateful to Qodequay, because they were kind and quick to accept my request, and they really did an excellent job.
The Hobby Hub

The Hobby Hub

They are very capable and make sure the work is done to satisfaction. Got my store up right on time!
Spliff Society

Spliff Society

I needed some expert help setting up my navigation and drop down menus. Qodequay responded and completed the job within 24 hours.

Gracie Goods

Honestly - if I could give 10 stars I would. Expert responded in a timely manner to all my requests.
Painted Moose Gallery

Painted Moose Gallery

Really terrific and fast. I struggled for days trying to figure out how to get my page(s) to look the way I wanted them to and finally gave in and hired an "Expert.


Ein herausragender Shopify-Experte. Absolut weiterzuempfehlen. Antwortetsofort, erledigt die Arbeitenunverzüglich. ÜberausguterPreis. KeineUmsetzungenwarenzuschwer.

KIPPGear: Washington Heights

Designed the shop just as wanted and one that was easily navigated. Perfect customisation and fulfilled my navigation needs. I feel so blessed!! ❤️Highly Recommended !!

New Manhattan

Thanks for doing a great job. I look forward to a continuing relationship in the future.


The Qodequay team understood the search console issues and applied multi changes to the store code which gave really good results and removed the errors from my shop to rank better on the search engines.


Highly recommended! I gave them a task that seemed to be out of their wheelbox and they completed it with perfection.


Great programmer to work with, understood all requirements and made them correctly the first time!