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Welcome to EASY OKR – the streamlined OKR (Objectives and Key Results) management tool designed specifically for the MSME sector. Our platform makes it simple to align your organization's departments with your prime objectives and goals. Say goodbye to complex, heavy applications and embrace a user-friendly solution that fits perfectly into your business framework.



Custom Objective Definition

- Craft Your Vision: Tailor objectives that resonate with your company's unique aspirations.
-Flexibility at Its Core: Ensure all departments are aligned with the overarching organizational goals.

Multiple Department Integration

- Unified Yet Distinct: Create individual departments within EASY OKR, each with its own set of objectives.
- Seamless Alignment: Easily modify and update objectives as your business evolves.

Department Heads Dashboard

- Personalized Access: Department heads can register using their assigned email IDs provided by the organization admin.
- Track and Grow:Each department head gets a personalized dashboard to monitor and foster their objectives.

How it Works?

  • Sign Up

    The organization admin registers and sets up the company profile.

  • Department Creation

    Admin creates departments and assigns heads.

  • Objective Setting

    Set and align objectives across the organization.

  • Monitor & Adapt

    Department heads track progress and adapt strategies as needed.

Easy OKR Benefits to Businesses

Simplicity and Clarity: Easy-to-use interface ensuring clarity in objectives and key results.

Real-Time Tracking: Monitor progress in real-time for timely decision-making.

Enhanced Productivity: Streamline goal alignment across departments boosting overall productivity.

Customizable: Adapts to your unique business needs and growth.


EASY OKR is developed by a team passionate about simplifying business processes. With years of experience in the MSME sector, we understand the need for a straightforward, effective tool to align goals and track progress.

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