Discover How Our Customer’s Work-life Became Efficient, Digitalized And Simplified After They Partnered With Us.

Executive Summary

World leaders in beverage spend millions of revenue on brand activation across the USA. In a year around 30 plus new campaigns are created and dozens of new products are launched. All this has to reach the end consumers within a small life cycle. There are in-house brand champions and third-party vendors associated with the organization in eight zones across the USA.


  • The activation of campaigns was managed by each zone independently.
  • There was data redundancy and customization delay as the design needs to be approved by the central branding team.
  • The execution bill was emailed for approval and clearance causing the delay.
  • The budget was pre-allocated but difficult to track down at the order details level.
  • There was no way to measure and track the cost vs actual implementation.

Our Delivery And Solution

We used the Design Thinking approach to analyze the actual set of challenges and define the approach. A web and mobile-based platform were built on Ruby on Rails which was customized as per the client’s requirement.

This was a four-level Execution process:-

Step 1: We made the campaigns central with no duplication at any point in time.

Step 2: All region heads could order branding items from the central system, removing the overhead of maintaining their own list. They can add or remove the campaigns and respective activation items to their region customers to see and order.

Step 3: Customization of the activation was pre-defined and region heads could simply select them and allocate their local printers on the system itself.

Step 4: Tracking the order until the last delivery. Complete visibility of the budget spent vs actual activation. Reports on performing the region heads and printing house.

The Outcome

    Qodequay Technologies implemented advanced technologies that simplified complicated processes. Following was the outcome:-

  • The Digital platform was cloud-based and customized as per client requirements.
  • The platform helped solve the connectivity issue. It connected even the external vendors associated with the organization.
  • It improved the speed to market the products when they were launched.
  • The platform provided complete visibility of the budget spent and actual activation.
  • It also facilitated performance reports of the region heads and printing houses.