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Digital Transformation Of A Legacy System To Web Based Application

April 2, 2024

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Executive Summary

A USA-based Insurance Company had a legacy application with many flaws that affected its productivity and efficiency. Qodequay decided to modernize the entire system with a web-based application after understanding its pain points.

The team identified that there were enough flaws in the current system that affected the User Experience and resulted in losing customers.


The flaw in the current system included:

  •  Though the system was secure, the application was built on Visual Basic with no good UI.
  •  It was a monolithic system.
  •  One had to download Citrix to use the application.
  •  Their agents could not update details on time as the application was not accessible on phone.
  •  It had limitations as it did not accommodate new workflows.
  •  Maintenance of the system was becoming tough.

Our Delivery And Solution

This was a four-level execution process

Step 1: we made the campaigns central with no duplication at any point in time.

Step 2: All region heads could order branding items from the central system, removing the overhead of maintaining their own list. They can add or remove the campaigns and respective activation items to their region customers to see and order.

Step 3: Customization of the activation was pre-defined and region heads could simply select them and allocate their local printers on the system itself.

Step 4: Tracking the order until the last delivery. Complete visibility of the budget spent vs actual activation. Reports on performing the region heads and printing house.

The Outcome

Qodequay Technologies implemented a Cloud-based Digital Platform using advanced technologies like Blockchain and Ethereum. The following was the outcome:-

  •  A completed Digital Transformation of the platform was made which was digital, modernized, and scalable.
  •  The agents could update details on a real-time basis, which enhanced productivity.
  •  The User Experience improved, leading to better customer satisfaction and increased sales.
  •  We could easily add a new workflow that enhanced performance.
  •  Maintenance of the system was possible, which made it easy for the client to control and manage.