Building an AR Experience 8 UX Principles You Should Consider

Developing an AR Experience: 8 UX Principles to Consider

Contemporary internet users demand more than mere information. They look for experiences that translate to meaningful and memorable brand journeys. Success across the digital realm relies more significantly on user experience. Thus, companies…
Digital-Transformation-Taking-a-Secure-By-Design-Approach qodequay

Digital Transformation: Taking a Secure-By-Design Approach

Digital transformation is inevitable amidst the fourth industrial revolution and the onset of 5G. However, along with its advantages, digitization raises a number of cybersecurity concerns. As per an industrial report, approximately 82% of IT…

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and the Metaverse

Although ever-evolving, healthcare is considered a slow adopter of technology. Of course, it has its valid reasons. Healthcare players cannot accept a particular technology until proven safe! But the last few years have been phenomenal. The…
The next big thing in NFT - Qodequay

The Next Big Thing in NFT

What’s Emerging in NFTs? NFTs in the digital cosmos are like pulsars in the universe – bright and constantly spinning to grab attention. They’ve been evolving ever since they were introduced in 2014-15. NFTs started as a simple jpeg stored…
Future of AR VR MR in learning and development of higher education Qodequay

Future of AR/VR/MR in learning and development of Higher Education

Imagine students in a class learning about road safety rules. They don’t have books on their desks, instead, they are wearing Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) headsets that mimic a real-time busy road scenario. It has vehicles passing…
Design-Thinking-New-Innovative-Thinking-for-New-Problems qodequay

Design Thinking: An Organized way to Designing Innovative Solutions!

New age problems demand contemporary solutions have derived results in the past with an ancient thought process. But what brought you here won’t get you there! Thus, you need to adopt a fresher and more innovative approach while dealing with…