Blockchain Secured Marketplace For Shopping And Crypto-investment For Retail Company

Executive Summary

A Switzerland-based Retail Company was looking to introduce cryptocurrency to the mainstream of online and offline trade. Their goal was to make crypto the default currency for purchasing and a long-term investment for wealth generation, it also wanted to provide a one-stop-shop platform for cashback across retail categories.

Qodequay decided to identify the exact pain-points and challenges that we may come across while building the platform. We wanted to use the best technology while sufficing the needs of the client.

We followed a Design Thinking Approach to do this.
  • Customers wanted to build a web-based / mobile platform that allows consumers to order products online across categories like groceries, fruits & vegetables, beauty & wellness, baby care, bakery, meats & seafood, pet care, flowers, and home & office needs and get them delivered at their doorstep, fulfilled by the local vendors reachable via a digital platform for faster and reliable delivery.
  • The system should be able to connect the Buyers, Sellers, and Promoters.
  • We identified the complete USer Journey right from making purchases, placing the order, earning Cashback, and redeeming through loyalty programs.

Our Delivery And Solution

After extensive research, we identified the exact needs and finalized on the Solution using advanced technologies like Blockchain.

  • We built an open-source blockchain secured digital currency introduced to bring flexibility to the crypto exchange.
  • The system was built on ETHEREUM 2.0 (POLYGON SIDECHAIN).
  • These were decentralized tokens that would be accepted freely around the globe without exchanging with the local currency.
  • It can direct buyers towards amazing cashback, discounts, and loyalty points on each purchase.
  • Buyers can easily redeem these points with the same or any other partnered merchant while shopping online or offline for flight tickets, or hotel booking.
  • They could also save the Cashback or the currency as an Investment with the client.
  • For faster and reliable delivery we connected the local vendors and suppliers.
  • The consumer can see the nearby local shop and inventory available with the help of Geo-fencing technology.

The Outcome

    Qodequay Technologies implemented a Cloud-based Digital Platform using advanced technologies like Blockchain and Ethereum. The following was the outcome:-

  • The complete digital platform allows customers to order products online at a cheap price by using Digital currency that brings flexibility to the crypto exchange.
  • The platform connects Buyers, Sellers as well as Promoters.
  • We developed a crypto Debit card that can be used at traditional POS machines as well as online payment gateways.
  • Customers can earn amazing rebates, discounts, and loyalty points with every purchase.
  • Buyers can redeem these points with the same or any other partnered merchant while shopping online or offline.
  • Consumers also get a choice to make an Investment.