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Qodequay To Participate in India’s Most Impactful B2B Tech Expo #DATE

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Qodequay Technologies, a pioneering force in the realms of AR, VR, and WEB 3 technologies, left an indelible mark at the highly anticipated Date Event 2024. Renowned as one of the top 10 AR/VR companies in India, their presence was highly anticipated and met with great enthusiasm.

Entering the Qodequay Technologies booth felt like a voyage into a futuristic realm. Guests were welcomed into an immersive exploration of AR, VR, and WEB 3 technologies, encountering their groundbreaking services catering to sectors such as Refinery, Manufacturing, Education, Advertisement, Fintech, and Medical industries. The interactive displays and live demonstrations vividly illustrated Qodequay's unwavering dedication to innovation, setting new standards and reshaping digital environments.

The event provided a platform for attendees to engage firsthand with Qodequay's groundbreaking solutions, offering a tangible experience of the digital transformation capabilities of AR, VR, and WEB 3 technologies. Qodequay's presence at the Date Event 2024 undoubtedly elevated the event atmosphere, leaving an enduring impression on all those who were fortunate enough to explore and engage with their trailblazing offerings.

Join Us at the Tajurba Growth Summit 2024: Elevating IT Innovations


Qodequay Technologies made a significant impact at the Tajurba Growth Summit, shining as an AI discussion panelist and showcasing groundbreaking AR, VR, and WEB 3 solutions. The event highlighted Qodequay's pioneering role in the AI sector, sharing valuable insights with industry experts.

Attendees were immersed in the transformative world of digital tech at their booth, experiencing firsthand the impact of AR, VR, and WEB 3 across sectors like Refinery, Manufacturing, and Education. A high point was when Qodequay received a prestigious award for their AI contributions, solidifying their position as industry trailblazers.

Their participation affirmed their commitment to innovation and excellence, setting a new industry standard. Qodequay's presence at the summit not only reinforced their dedication to technological advancement but also showcased their mission to lead in digital innovation, shaping the future of technology.

Discover Qodequay’s Innovative Tech Solutions at MAHATech 2024

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At the MAHATech Exhibition 2024, Qodequay Technologies showcased their pioneering advancements in AR, VR, and Web 3 technologies, offering immersive experiences tailored for industries like solar, manufacturing, education, and medical. Their interactive booth demonstrated how these technologies could transform industry operations and foster innovation.

Qodequay also launched EASYOKR, a new Objectives & Key Results solution designed for MSME companies, underscoring their commitment to enhancing business performance. This launch solidified Qodequay's reputation as a leader in tech innovation, dedicated to driving operational excellence and preparing businesses for future challenges through strategic technology integration.