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Abhigyaan – Limitless Learning with extended reality XR

Abhigyaan is a Mixed Reality (MR) educational app that allows school learners to experiment in a playful setup. It comes...
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Abhigyaan is a Mixed Reality (MR) educational app that allows school learners to experiment in a playful setup. It comes from Jio Tesseract, India’s largest MR company, an MIT Media Lab spin-off, and a public subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. The company aims to democratize MR by delivering meaningful AR/VR content and affordable devices to enable consumers to experience the next technology-based learning wave.
Pune, October 1st, 2022

Learning and development are transforming with various positive changes, making both more engaging, effective, and meaningful. Reliance, India’s leading business empire, has always been at the vanguard of every technological revolution. The group always looks forward to embracing technology and making it available to people.

Qodequay Technologies is the VR glass partner of Jio Tesseract. Also known as India’s biggest MR company, is a public subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited and MIT Media Lab spin-off. Qodequay developed Abhigyaan, an innovative education app which got launched with the glass on 1st Oct 2022.

Abhigyaan is an MR-based learning and development app that allows school learners to conduct various experiments in a playful setup. Globally education system is reforming to imbibe practical learning more than book learning. The challenge is to provide space and high-cost equipment for the students. The app helps to bridge the gap with VR giving a lab-like experience with immersive learning activities. Emerging technologies can cultivate opportunities that enhance safe hazard-free, hands-on experiment-based education and make learning more engaging.

Qodequay Technologies has taken this innovative step with Jio glass, in making it possible for schools to provide VR labs. The team has developed this application in a record time of three months to precisely meet the learning needs of school learners. It offers an unmatched MR interactive lab experience that combines real and virtual spaces. In addition, the app allows performing replicable experiments to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the concept involved.

Some benefits of Abhigyaan include remote learning, reduced lab equipment costs, prevention of exposure to hazardous materials, 360-degree immersive view with interactivity, and minimal supervision from professors or teachers. The application was screened by PM Modi and showcased at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) ’22”.

About Qodequay Technologies

Qodequay Technologies is a Pune-based technology company with expertise in multiple areas AR/MR, Blockchain, Salesforce, RIA, 3D programming, etc. The company follows the design thinking approach that enables it to develop empathetic and result-driven, customized solutions.

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