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Metaverse: The Future of AR & VR

Metaverse isn’t merely a buzzword, trend or a wave for that matter. Many global business leaders refer to it as the future of the internet! As it is still evolving, we cannot say much about how it will change the world around us, but we can surely talk about the transformation it may bring about […]

The Next Big Thing in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the phrase that you’ll hear everywhere in present world. It has become an essential part of every business owner’s agenda. Of course, it is beneficial, which is why everyone is looking forward to it. But digital transformation, as you may know, represents a gamut of technologies aimed at digitizing a business ecosystem […]

Use of Blockchain in the Food Industry

Blockchain Technology Globally, the food industry confronts concerns like lack of product traceability, lack of labeling transparency, and inefficient inventory management. Additionally, issues like the entry of counterfeit food products, coupled with slow product innovation cycles, are challenging for many foods and beverage manufacturers to maintain their reputation and keep up with the industry’s dynamics. […]

Digital Technology Transformation: 5 Biggest Challenges and Best Solutions

Digital transformation refers to integrating various digital technologies across multiple areas of business. It is part of the company’s strategy to help augment productivity, increase agility, and leverage digitization to enhance client service and experience. The fast evolving industries across the globe has pushed business into ditial enterprise irrespective of their size.  Many consider digital […]

How is Blockchain Technology Changing the Financial Sector?

How is Blockchain Technology Changing the Financial Sector? Blockchain’s use in BFSI is rapidly increasing. It was valued at around USD 0.25-0.30 billion in 2018. But with BFSI increasingly realizing its benefits, blockchain’s BFSI market size is slated to reach slightly above USD 2.50 billion in 2022. Now, these growth statistics may appear organic. But […]

How is Blockchain Transforming Real Estate?

Blockchain has entered the real estate sector for good. Albeit slowly, the real estate sector that usually sticks to conventional practices is responding to the transformations of blockchain. If you are looking to leverage the commercial, strategic and technical benefits of blockchain for real estate, this blog can help. It introduces you to the transformative […]

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Applications of AR/VR in the Banking Sector

The BFSI sector is among the quickest respondents when it comes to technology adoption. From electronic transactions to mobile app banking, the BFSI sector has always kept evolving, making banking, financial transactions, investments, etc., even more straightforward and tech-based for its customers. What next, now? The banking sector is geared up to embrace the next […]


Benefits of AR VR in the Manufacturing Industry

Tech Revolution 2022: Benefits of AR/VR in Manufacturing Lately, the otherwise conventionally run manufacturing industry has undergone a paradigm shift on the technology front. Customers and consumers have become more demanding than ever. As a result, albeit gradually, manufacturers worldwide have begun realizing the significance of integrating intelligent technologies. AR VR in the Manufacturing Industry […]

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How is Blockchain Changing Education

21st-century education isn’t only about making students learn concepts, preparing them for examination and life’s race. It has transformed into a competitive realm that demands educators to be competent across every aspect such as administration and strategy, apart from the academic one. According to an India Today article, India’s CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) […]