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Benefits of AR VR in the Manufacturing Industry

Tech Revolution 2022: Benefits of AR/VR in Manufacturing Lately, the otherwise conventionally run manufacturing industry has undergone a paradigm shift on the technology front. Customers and consumers have become more demanding than ever. As a result, albeit gradually, manufacturers worldwide have begun realizing the significance of integrating intelligent technologies. Precisely, that has made the manufacturing […]

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How is Blockchain Changing Education

21st-century education isn’t only about making students learn concepts, preparing them for examination and life’s race. It has transformed into a competitive realm that demands educators to be competent across every aspect such as administration and strategy, apart from the academic one. According to an India Today article, India’s CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) […]


The New Wave in Fintech and Retail Industry

Blockchain – the New Wave in Fintech and Retail Industry Blockchain is revolutionizing FinTech and Retail. While this may seem a general statement, let’s quickly look at some statistics that prove the rate at which blockchain is promulgating across both these realms. Let’s start with FinTech. According to Statista.com, in 2018, blockchain’s use in banking […]